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Travel Tips

The more you know about traveling in Guyana, the more prepared you'll be when you arrive. 

The official language is English often spoken with a creole flavor.
Time - We are 4 hours behind GMT and 1 hour ahead of EST.

Guyana's climate is equitorial; hot but pleasant for most of the year. The heat is tempered by the sea breezes on the coast. An Umbrella is useful during the two wet seasons, extending roughly through May and June and from December to the end of January. Rainfall approximates at 2,300mm per year in Georgetown. The temperature on the coast-land ranges from 20 degrees centigrade with a mean temperature of 26.8 degree centigrade. In the interior it is between 18.3 degree centigrade and 39.4 degree centigrade with a mean of 28.3 degree centigrade.

The Guyana Dollar with a fluctuating exchange rate of

GYD $200.00 to USD $1.00
GYD $365.00 to Pounds $1.00
GYD $265.00 to Euro $1.00
GYD $200.00 to CDN $1.00

Cambios are licensed currency exchange houses. Most cambios are open from 8:00hrs to 17:00hrs and on Sundays 8:00hrs to 16:00hrs. It is important that you keep your cambios receipt, you will need to produce them to change Guyanese dollars on departure.

Credit Card
Major credit cards and travellers cheques are accepted by most hotels, restaurants, supermarkets, car rental agencies and tour operators. Credit cards with CIRRUS and/or PLUS mark can be used at any Scotia Bank ATM machines in Guyana.

Departure Tax
An exit tax of GYD$4000 (USD$20) is chargeable on departure at CJIA. This tax is purchased at the airport near the check-in counter. You should confirm your ticket at least 48 hours before departure.

Driving or riding in Guyana are done on the left lane. Before you start enjoying the fun of driving in Guyana, you must obtain a drivers permit which is issued by the Inland Revenue Department- License Revenue Division located on Smyth & Princess Streets in Georgetown. The permit is valid for 30-days but ensure that you take a valid driver's license or an international driver's license when applying.
Allways wear a helmet when riding and your seat belt when driving this is a requirement by law.

Emergency Numbers 
Police - 911
Fire - 912
Ambulance - 913
Telephone directory assistance - 092

The voltage is 110/240 volts, 50-60 cycles. Transformers can be used to step-up/step-down the voltage. Electrical appliances are widely available in Guyana.

Communication Medium  
Radio Stations - Voice of Guyana (VOG) and 98.1 Hot FM
Television Stations - NCN 11, CNS 6, HJTV 21, MTV 14, HGPTV 9
Newspapers - Guyana Chronicle, Kaieteur News, Guyana Times, Stabroek News

Shopping hours
8:30hrs - 16:00hrs on weekdays (17:00hrs on Fridays)
8:30hrs - 12:00hrs on Saturdays
Most supermarket are opened from 8:30hrs -18:00hrs on weekdays, 8:30hrs - 19:00hrs on
Saturdays and 10:00hrs-14:00hrs on Sundays.
Markets are usually opened on Saturdays.Stabroek and Bourda markets are usually busy all day 24hrs per day.
Shops around the country normally open from 7:00hrs - 18:00 hrs
Bars usually from 18:00hrs-24:00hrs(midnight)
Night Clubs usually from 20:00hrs-02:00hrs

Exercise the same safety precautions as you would in any city or unfamiliar environment. Most areas are safe on foot by day or taxis at night. Please check with your Hotel front desk for current advice.

Health & Safety
Water: It is safer to drink purified bottled water. There are several brands that are inexpensive and widely available. You can purchase water at supermarkets, shops, roadside shops and vendors throughout Guyana.

Immunization - There is a risk of malaria in certain parts of the interior. Consult a doctor for the required precautions if you intend to travel. Georgetown and the coastal areas are malaria-free. Georgetown has the Public Hospital and there are several other hospitals around where advice can be seek. Further information can be obtained from the Vaccination Division of the Ministry of Health by calling (592)226 7338 or (592) 226 1366.


K.A Juman Yassin +592-226-3851
Carmicheal street, South Cummings burg, Georgetown, Guyana. Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Deborah D Kumar +592-225-5088  
Cameron and Shepherd Attorneys At Law +592-226-2671


Home of the traditional Guyanese soup, renowned for the best creole food in town. The secret recipe has been a guyanese tradition for generations both here and abroad.
Lot 8 New Market & Mundy Sts, Georgetown
T: (592) 225 3972 | (592) 227 0079



The Coffee Bean Cafe & Eatery
133 Chrch Street


Hacks Halaal Restaurant & Take Away Service.

5 Commerce Street, Georgetown |
T: (592) 226 1844    
 Specialize in Indian sweet meats, curries, Pastry, Puri, Dhol and vegetarian foods.




For tasty pastries, cakes, Bar-b-que, pizzas and local juices. We also have a well stock bar..

228 Camp Street
 T: 592 227-5701

Playland Italiano Family Restaurant

70 Park Street, Enterprise, ECD


Big Daddy’s Burgers & Grill

120 Parade Street


Night Cap.

8 Pere Street Kitty, 592 Georgetown, Guyana
Tel: 231 8644

Maharaja Palace.

207 Sheriff Street, Georgetown, Guyana.
Tele: 225 3986.
Maharaja is a fusion of Asian and Indian cuisine. It offers exquisite dining and an aura of tranquility, which all describe the magnificent atmosphere to which the Maharaja Palace restaurant has been opened.

The Ambience Restaurant

198 camp abd quiamina street tel  592+227-2425 or mobile: 592-666- 8076

Shanta's The Puri Shop -
25 Camp & New Market Sts. N/c/burg, Georgetown, Guyana
Tel. #: 226-4365

Golden Coast Chinese Restaurant & Bar-
62 Main Street, G/town., Guyana
Tel. #: 231-7360

Hibiscus Restaurant & Lounge
91 Middle Street

Brasil Churrascaria & Pizzaria
Address:208 Alexander St. Georgetown
Tel: 231-1268/613-9293

HILTON Restaurant
Garnett St. & Middleton st. G/Town 226-5818 / 231-7371

 GEORGIE restaurant
233 2531-  221 Yubani Avenue, Eccles EBD


Embassy of The United States of America
(592) 225 4900-9 100 Duke & Young Street Kingston
British High Commission (592) 227 5881-4  
Canadian High Commission (592) 227 2081-2 Young & High Street Kingston
Guyana Responsible Parenthood Association (592-225-3286  
Embassy of The Federative Rep of Brazil (592) 225 7970-1 309 Church Street Queenstown
Embassy of The Bolivarian Rep of Venezuela (592) 226 6749 296 Thomas Street South Cummingsburg
Embassy of The People's Rep of China (592)227 1651-1 Lot 2 Mandela Ave Georgetown
Embassy of The Republic of Suriname (592) 592 226 7844 171 Peter Rose Street Queenstown


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