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Wonderland Tours -True Tourism Pioneers of Guyana

Wonderland Tours was established in 1989 by Mr. Richard Ousman. A young entrepreneur, who will eventually be known as a philanthropist. His vision for Guyana's tourism industry revolutionized tourism and created an interest by other investors.

He invested in Boats, Engines, Life Jackets, Coolers, Buses and thus 'WONDERLAND TOURS' was born. His success was massive, made more so by the lack of competition.

It has now been 27 years and the company is going strong. Guyana has over 20 Tour Operators, many Hotels, Airlines, Bus companies. Guyana has been recognized internationally as a growing Tourism destination. Guyana has been described as Eco, Untouched, Hidden Gem and the best kept secret.

Wonderland Tours, over the years, have been instrumental in molding the tourism sector. We have been successful in many legal battles, fighting for Tourism. We are founding members of THAG( Tourism and Hospitality Association Of Guyana) and are planning to start a new Guyana International Tourism Organization (GITO).

Richard Ousman believed in treating his guests as family, thus creating a faithful client base. Today, we continue the same belief and pride ourselves on providing the best customer service and after sales experience.

We have pioneered tours like the popular Essequibo/ Mazaruni, Santa Mission, Kaieteur/ Orinduik, Kaieteur/ Marshalls Falls and The Culinary Tour.

Our flawless, 27 years of business is our prized possession and we hope to serve you and your family for many more years to come.

Today Richard's daughter, and her husband, are the new owners of 'Wonderland Tours'. Sadly, Richard passed away in 2007. The new owners are both highly qualified and have followed exactly in Richard's footsteps. Their best trait is, 'bending over backwards to fully satisfy all of their guests at any cost'.

We appreciate your visit to our website and we hope it aims to provide you a portal into Guyana.

Feel comfortable to send us an email with any requests or questions. We look forward to serving you and appreciate your interest in Guyana.


Richard Ousman passed away in 2007 after a long battle with diabetes.

His daughter and her husband have then taken over the business. They brought a fresh and bright outlook to Wonderland Tours; focusing on new destinations and improving the services of their tours. With the understanding that Guyana is a developing market for tourism they are concentrating on Eco-Tourism and customized itineraries. 

Since their take over, they have fought many battles and won. His daughter single-handedly stopped the destruction of the small but beautiful Bara-Cara Falls on May 5th, 2010.

In November 2010, they were unlawfully removed from the register of the Tourism and Hospitality Association of Guyana. That decision was later reversed in the courts.
In 2014, Wonderland tours will be Celebrating its' 25th Anniversary. This will be a milestone and a homage to the first ever tour company to offer its' services in Guyana.

The company is pleased to have served the public for the next 25 years and pledge to always work to improve and reinvent its product and customer service.
Guests are treated as family and the company acknowledges that its success is a result of the loyalties and blessings from clients.

Thank You for Your Continued Support & Love

Richard Ousman the father I discovered

I have spent the last two years of my life trying to remember as much as I could about my father and his life. I migrated to New York when I was 16 yrs old and returned at age 23. My father’s death upon my return was the moment my life changed completely. The last 10 days of my father’s life was spent with me and the memories are still fresh. The last 7 years are slowly coming back to me.

Richard Ousman was born on the 18th April, 1960. He was the youngest of 7 siblings so he was always considered the baby. His father “Doc’ was a businessman and he trained his kids to be like him. I remember the music before everything else, always waking up to music in the house on Sundays. I always say the best thing about  returning home is actually having a ‘SUNDAY’. My father loved music, this stemmed from his early childhood connection to DOC’S RECORD BAR. This was the family business first owned and run by Grandfather Doc. My father took control of the Record Bar in the mid 70’s and it became an oasis for our local talents.

My father met Sammy Baksh at the record bar and they became friends. At the age of 16 he produced Sammy Baksh’s first hit single ‘To Be Lonely’ . This was an instant success and a star was born. His passion for music was strung and this would be his first love. He later produced the album “CLASSICAL MOODS”, which is still a big seller up to today. My father‘s relationship with Sammy Baksh was one of faith and friendship and they never gave up on each other.

His next music venture was with Eze Rockcliffe & The Yuroba Singers. In 1981 he produced the album “FIGHTING FOR SURVIVAL” with the Yoruba Singers. Uncle Eze described daddy as a philanthropist who made a great contribution to the music industry of Guyana. The relationship between Uncle Eze and my father never ended and as he spoke about him I could hear how happy he was to remember his friend. My father went on to produce more talented Guyanese singers like Pamela Maynard’s “LOST, LONELY AND HELPLESS”, this album was a big success. He also produced Sach Persaud, Bonny Alves, Czerina Ali. My father’s love affair with music started and ended a lot of his relationships but he could not live without it.

At the age of 18 he met my mother and they both said that they fell in love. They were both the same age and both very good looking. My brother was born when they were 19 and they were excited to start their family. My mother told me that daddy told her that he wanted a daughter before they get married. I was born 4yrs after my brother and my parents got married 10 days after i was born. My father had finally decided to settle down and concentrate on his family.

I remember my father being very adventurous and active. He took us every Sunday to the creek on the highway, Kuru Kuru Creek it was called. I would never forget those Sundays. My father taught me and my brother -and my mother- to swim at the creek. That has made both me and my brother strong swimmers today. He loved to exercise with us and play outdoor games. He loved cricket and soccer. Watching cricket was one of his favourite past times.

In 1989, my father, my mother Joni ,my brother Syed and myself sat down as a family and came up with the name WONDERLAND TOURS. My father had visited the Santa Mission area and had fell in love with the place. He decided then that he was going into tourism. He started out as the first ever organized tour operator in Guyana. After travelling extensively throughout the USA & The Caribbean he had made a lot of friends. They soon became his clients and WONDERLAND TOURS was up and running.

My parents’ first step was establishing a tourist desk at the HOTEL TOWER. My mother was secretary and my father the tour guide. The business became an instant success and my father’s next love would be born. My father had been told that there was no future for tourism in Guyana. He thought differently and was determined to prove everyone wrong. He invested in wooden speed boats and engines, life jackets, coolers and the basic outdoor gears and his business took flight.

He started with the Santa Mission tour, then he developed the Essequibo river tour. He started taking people to Kaieteur Falls and Orinduik Falls. He developed a Georgetown City tour and as the business grew so did his tours. He established the Harpy Eagle Jungle Lodge in the Mazaruni river. This was the first ever of its kind ; he had seen the market for Eco Tourism and the lodge was a big success..

Wonderland Tours became his’ life’ and he devoted everything he had to the business. My father was not the easiest person to work for and he often demanded too much of his employees. He changed many workers but the really good ones stayed and never left. I remember them as I was growing up and they would all say that daddy was a good man, a perfectionist, a man ahead of his time. I remember Sohan, Frankie and Uncle Pradeep always being there. They were the first tour guides and drivers and boat captains, they would even have to be mechanics, electricians, plumbers. Whatever daddy needed doing ,they had to acquire the skill.

My father discovered he was diabetic at the age of 32. He never understood how serious the disease was until it was too late. The last 4 years of his life my father had lost his eyesight and this was devastating for him and the people that loved him. He managed to conquer his blindness and he baffled many people. Today people still say there were moments when they weren’t sure if he was blind or not. His very good friend Mr. Eugene Noel knew him in his most vulnerable stage and he had become my father’s hands, writing his letters and keeping him update with his politics and sports. Eugene would get emotional anytime I talk about daddy, because they were friends beyond my understanding. He always said that he can go to daddy anytime for anything.

His love for the arts led him to his final adventure , one I know was very close to his heart. This was the ‘STRESS RELIEF’ comedy show that starred ‘Jumbie” Jones, Henry Rodney, Habeeb Khan, Sonia Yarde and others. This had brought much joy to my father’s life; he enjoyed being part of the laughter and friendship that the actors brought to his life. Jumbie told me that daddy had made an impact on his life that he would never forget. He described daddy as a visionary that made him into a businessman and geared him for the future.

My father’s nieces and nephews would describe him as the binding agent of the family. My cousin Afraz said he was  a true son of the soil. My uncle described him as a soldier of God. My aunty Bibi remembers his smile and my mother remembers him being a great father. His best friend Roy Moore remembers that he was kind to everyone but would also show no one qualms about giving anyone a piece of his mind regardless of race or position they were in society if he thought they were wrong. If he had lived longer and had been in better health for sure his dreams of establishing tourism as a major player in Guyana's economy would have come true. Even now thanks to him many people make a living in the very same industry that many said would never work
During the journey of writing this story I discovered so much about my father. It made me realize how little I knew my dad. I remember his laughter and his jokes, his music and his love for life. Everything else I discovered.

I discovered how much lives he changed, how many strangers he helped and how much laughter he produced. His life was full of love and so was his death. He told me before he died that he had a good life and he did everything he wanted to do. He was only 47 yrs old when he died and had lived a full life. I hang on to his memories and often ask myself what he would do in certain situations.

I have taken over Wonderland Tours since my father died and it has been a journey. Its 2 years now and I have since gotten married and have been travelling and marketing Guyana. I now see why my father loved Guyana and was a true Guyanese in all aspects. He always told me that he can’t live anywhere else but Guyana and now I find myself saying the same thing. My husband and I Invest all of our time and effort into the business to make it the best that it could be. My mother still plays a huge role in the business, she is my advisor and best friend. My father’s best friend, Roy Moore has also been a father figure to me and my husband and I know my father is watching down and smiling. This june would be the 20 yr anniversary of Wonderland Tours and I am so proud to be the owner and heiress to my father’s legacy. I pray that he is never forgotten and forever cherished.

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