3 Amazing Slot Games to Play on iPad Device

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Do you like to play the slot games in casino houses? Well, it is not possible to go to casino houses every time when you wish to play slot games. But you can play slot games at your home now. Wondering how? You can do it with your Smartphone or iPad or Android device.

If you have an iPad device, you can play slot games there. Don’t just pass your leisure by browsing or watching videos on your iPad device. Because the iPad is a very good device to play games with it. As you know, every iPad has a large screen with very good picture resolution, it helps to get an excellent view of the contents, and you will enjoy the games to the full. There are several slot games that you can play on your iPad device. Here is given a short description about three amazing slot games that you can play on Unibet with your iPad device.

1. Little Britain

The name of the Great Britain has been used in this amazing game, and it has become  very popular in a short span of time. This funny game is powered by the Ash gaming and it is a well-featured slot game. There are 5 reels and 30 pay lines in this game. It has been created on the basis of a famous TV show and all the characters are included here.

There 5 characters in this game and you can choose any one among them. Every character has some special features, you have to complete the tasks by spinning the slot. You will get extra cashes if you can complete the tasks perfectly.

2. The Hoff

The Hoff is the latest version of the famous the David Hasselholf’s game series. This game features David Hasselholf, a famous face of the television industry. You have to help to become a millionaire in this slot game. This game is available in different skins, you have to go through many internal quests in the game.

You will find many other celebrities in this game, especially the other artists of the Baywatch. There are several free spins in the game mode, you will get a few chances of winning bonus prizes as  well.

3. Rich Pickins

The Rich Pickins is another celebrity slot game. There are 20 pay lines in this game. It is one of the best slot games with a rich animation and graphics. There are 6 bonus rounds in this game and you will get them by completing the pay lines. The bonus rounds are named as- Big Win, Instant Win, Bear, Cherry Picker, Bean Stalk and the Market.

You can adjust the number of stakes per line before starting the game, after adjusting you have to click on Spin and the game will be started. You can also use the auto spin option to start the game automatically.

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